Because of COVID-19, many trade fairs have not been able to take place, and this while it was already challenging to oversee the range of suitable providers. The lack of a complete overview causes very often that best solution isn't chosen during a market consultation or tender. Because of this, in many cases hospitals are not able to provide the quality of care they would like. Medicaldevices aims to help providing the best healthcare within an affordable budget.

On you will find a catalog of the most relevant suppliers for software and services used in the medical context. The overviews, sorted by department, application or manufacturer, allow visitors to make an informed decision during a tender or market consultation. This ensures that you comply with the latest developments.

Our vision focuses mainly on software products and services that are used in healthcare. The condition for exhibitors is that the product or service must be with a significant software component. This choice was made to keep the website clear for our target group.

Our target groups are:
- Hospitals
- GP practices
- Healthcare institutions

Market consultation or tender?

Let us know via the contact form and we will inform all suppliers.


In order to keep this website professional, complete and up-to-date, we ask for the following annual fee to our exhibitors. We keep these costs low in comparison with advertisements on other media because the costs should not be an obstacle in offering our visitors as complete as possible an overview.