Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence is not a one-off solution, but provides the basis for continuous improvement of your business processes. KBenP uses past data to make predictions to support your future decisions. In this way we help you to work more data-driven. KBenP provides expertise in the field of data management in the form of advice, consultancy and training, with which you increase the value of your data as a strategic business asset. We also develop and implement search-driven applications, so that your customers and employees always and everywhere have access to relevant information. We have also developed standardized products for Smart City projects and the data platform Dataloket. Collecting and visualizing data KBenP helps you improve your processes based on hard figures, to identify and eliminate bottlenecks and waste, along the entire value chain. Our solutions help you automate the collection and visualization of your data and forecasting trends so that: you save costs and time, and you can focus more on taking action based on the insights gained from the reporting.

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