Imaging software (Kavo)

Imaging software (Kavo)

CLINIVIEW ™, a comprehensive X-ray software, is installed with your new device. For 3D imaging, you can choose between the 3D diagnostic software OnDemand3D ™ or InVivo ™ or any other software. In addition, you are already being prepared to use the new DTX Studio ™ * connecting software platform for 2D and 3D diagnostics, readying you for a new era of digital workflow integration. The proven and well-known CLINIVIEW ™ software already stores all data in such a way that it is compatible with the new software platform DTX Studio ™. Your practice is ready now to take advantage of a continuous flow of new developments in the future that will take place in all areas of modern dental and dental technology. Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, the DTX Studio ™ platform brings together both existing and future devices and current software features into a unifying workflow. CLINIVIEW ™ is designed to help you transition smoothly into the new future, step-by-step opening up new possibilities you never thought possible.

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