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Dialysis (Chipsoft)

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Dialysis is complex. Flexible software is a must in order to be able to plan patients efficiently in all disciplines involved and then optimally streamline their treatment. With HiX you have this flexibility and efficient software in your hands. Multidisciplinary file Within HiX you record patient data only once, after which they are available for every subsequent practitioner. This way, every professional has an up-to-date overall picture of the patient at any time and the patient can trust that all disciplines work together optimally. Enabling expertise Within HiX, all disciplines can enlist each other's expertise at the touch of a button. By means of digital ordering, the nurse can, for example, ask the social worker for a consultation, while at the same time the planner receives an assignment from the nephrologist. All disciplines work in the same file, without being in each other's way. Role-oriented views Are you a nephrologist, dietitian, social worker, nurse or planning officer? HiX has its own specific view for each 'role'. This allows you to immediately see the data that is important to you. Are you a nephrologist? Then you will see, among other things, the lab values, dialysis results and the medication. If you are a nurse, these are for example the prescription, the machine values, the medication and the nursing problems. Thanks to these different views, every professional has a system that is tailored to his or her work. Extensive planning options HiX is a great help when making plans; recurring appointments can easily be recorded by means of a blueprint, whereby the system takes into account the availability of dialysis stations. Planning is therefore not a complicated jigsaw puzzle, but a minimal action that makes the treatment of the patient as efficient and smooth as possible. Information In order to be able to make a well-considered choice between hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis together with the patient, good patient information is necessary. In HiX you can quickly and clearly indicate which treatment options and aspects have been discussed with the patient. This makes it easier for the doctor to work out the best treatment plan with the patient. Integrated monitoring During dialysis, you can accurately monitor control values, such as blood pressure, extracted fluid and dialysate flow. HiX retrieves these values from the dialysis machine and then stores them in the dialysis status of the patient. Because you can see how the control values are doing at any time, you are able to quickly respond to any changes. Effective collaboration A good treatment policy stands or falls with the collaboration between the disciplines. For the multidisciplinary consultation, you can therefore collect all important data from all involved practitioners in overview lists. This makes it easy to evaluate the treatment policy, analyze any problems and share information in a structured way. Advantages for you: • Efficient dialysis planning • All relevant information from all disciplines clearly mapped out • Your own view, tailored to your role • Insight into all current and historical values from equipment • User-friendly, efficient registration options Advantages for your patient: • Most streamlined treatment • Spend as little time as possible on visits and treatment • Complete screening lists at home via web application • Enter measurement values at home via web application • Optimal guidance during all treatment phases Reliable HiX offers reliable and user-friendly software for the dialysis department, which provides optimal support for both you and the patient during the entire care process. ChipSoft's software has a CE mark. This means that the software complies with the European Directive 93/42 / EEC, which regulates safety, health, environment and consumer protection.

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