Human Resource Management - HRM (ORTEC)

Human Resource Management - HRM (ORTEC)

The task of HR is to maximize the return on investment of the human capital of an organization, while at the same time keeping employee satisfaction as high as possible. In addition, the labor market is increasingly changing in a digital environment. The human factor remains important, but HR will have to embrace technological development. Through digitization and AI, HR can become more efficient, save costs, have more impact on the organization and even be a revenue and profit-increasing factor.

Data analysis and artificial intelligence help managers and recruiters to better and faster assess behavior, habits, work ethics, willingness to change and culture matches. AI also helps to improve the recruitment and promotion of employees and to measurably increase involvement in the organization. With the data provided by AI, you can make substantiated predictions about the development of vital competencies in the organization. Creating flawless, flexible schedules, geared to the expected demand for personnel, is also faster and easier. ORTEC also has in-house applications that allow you to create consistent employer branding and communicate more directly with employees. Managing and analyzing large amounts of data is made easier by cloud applications and deep learning techniques. With that information you help the organization further.

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