Virtual reality - body (Echopixel)
  • Virtual reality - body (Echopixel)

Virtual reality - body (Echopixel)

Virtual reality - body (Echopixel)

EchoPixel: A revolution in 3D medical imaging EchoPixel renders patient-specific anatomy in an intuitive, interactive virtual reality format, leading directly to increased clinical knowledge, faster operations, and better care. True 3D, from EchoPixel, is an advanced medical visualization software solution. It offers physicians an unprecedented opportunity to view and interact with patient tissues and organs in a truly 3D form, as if they were real physical objects. Solution EchoPixel True 3D, powered by HP, uses a wide variety of current medical image datasets to enable radiologists, cardiologists, pediatric cardiologists, and interventional neuroradiologists (among others) to see patient specific anatomy in an open 3D space. The system works by using four cameras to track the user's head movements, glasses to turn images into 3D visuals, and a stylus to let users move and interact with objects in real time. Clinical Efficacy of t3D Ability to see and interact with medical images as though they were real, physical objects Easier for physicians to see anatomy in context without extraneous information Enables physicians to intuitively grasp, dissect, and size key clinical features May assist in complex surgical planning Workflow Significance of t3D Freehand clip plane control creates cross sections in a volume and 2D multi-planarreconstruction (MPR) views — so physicians can quickly drive their view along any obliqueperspective without being limited to axial, coronal, and sagittal views

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