Speech recognition (G2speech)

Speech recognition (G2speech)

SpeechReport, our complete workflow management solution, has been developed in collaboration with various health authorities in the Netherlands and Belgium. The software supports your department in creating, correcting and managing all documentation. This means that you have the elaborated document at your disposal faster. You decide whether you want to use speech recognition or prefer digital dictation. SpeechReport optimizes your reporting process and can be configured according to the needs of your organization. You can create documents by using speech recognition. You can finalize your dictations immediately or send them to the secretariat for checking. The clinical work list helps you structure your work. We communicate with your Electronic Patient Record via HL7 messages. SpeechReport uses Recognosco's innovative speech recognition engine. This engine is based on the latest Microsoft technology. The speech recognition is easy to integrate and has specialized dictionaries. This way you can immediately start dictating.

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