EPD (Portavita)
  • EPD (Portavita)

EPD (Portavita)

Thrombosis information system (Portavita)

ICT plays an increasingly important role in the care of your patients. Due to the diverse range of fragmented ICT solutions, it seems increasingly difficult to make the right choices. You too probably have one or more of the following questions: How do we organize care at regional and neighborhood level? How can ICT support me in a simple and targeted way with consultation, prevention and treatment? How do I identify populations at risk in my organization / practice and region? How do I inform and involve others involved in healthcare and the healthcare consumer? How can I respond more quickly to the requirements and wishes that the parties make of me as a care provider? How do the investments in ICT pay off? Portavita is convinced that the answers lie in a good vision from the user organizations, a regional platform embraced by the parties and a great deal of attention to user guidance. The parties work as much as possible in their own system and, where necessary, work together in a regional platform that adds value for all stakeholders and users. The platform for collaboration as described in the NHG vision document is fleshed out in this regard.

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