Video calls (KPN Zorg Messenger)
  • Video calls (KPN Zorg Messenger)

Video calls (KPN Zorg Messenger)

Video calls

Organizations that work with sensitive personal data must comply with the new European privacy legislation, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), and with NEN standard NTA 7516. With ZIVVER Secure Mail, healthcare providers can communicate with colleagues and patients. Human errors when sending privacy-sensitive information are prevented by the Triple Safe Technology. Knowing more? Read more in our blog: KPN Health and ZIVVER have the healthcare sector mail safely.

Zorg Messenger from KPN makes secure chatting possible so that healthcare providers can work together efficiently. By using video calling, healthcare providers can, according to the four-eyes principle, 'watch' each other from a distance when administering medication or assessing a spot on the skin. Zorg Messenger is easy to integrate with healthcare information systems, such as Electronic Patient Records. Conversations can be directly archived in external systems.

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